Our tumbling programs are designed for kids to learn skills in a safe and progressive manner utilizing the floor, tumble trak, and trampoline. Tumbling is a great way to develop coordination and confidence. Kids love to run and jump and we offer the proper training to safely do so. Student/Teacher ratio 6:1 


Parent Tot & Toddler Tumbling:

(3-5 year olds) 

Beginner Tumbling-

(ages 5 and up)(No pre requisites)

Body positions will be highly emphasized. Different variations of forward/backward rolls, bridge kick overs, cartwheels, and introduce round-offs. Small amounts of strength and conditioning will be done in this class. To graduate, athletes must demonstrate all skills introduced.

Advanced Beginner Tumbling:

 (ages 6 and up)( pre requisites- beginner tumbling skills)

Body positions will be emphasized even more. More strength skills will be necessary to work on the more advanced skills. More control and form will be taught at this level of tumbling in order to work on skills such as, but not limited to, front and back walk-overs, backbend/kick overs, back extension rolls, dive rolls over a barrel. Athletes will learn round-offs in this class, which is the basis of running tumbling in the backwards direction. To graduate form this class, athletes will need to demonstrate a dive roll over the barrel, back bend, and a round-off with a rebound.

Intermediate Tumbling:

(ages 6 & up)( pre requisites– advanced beginner skills)

This class is going to be for those who have just about mastered the basics of tumbling. We will learn backhand springs, and how to connect them to the back of a round-off! We also feel that front tumbling is often overlooked, so we will really emphasize it during this intermediate class. As we learn how to connect our tumbling skills learned in the previous classes, we will also gain the confidence needed to excel into our advanced tumbling class. To graduate from this class, athletes will need to demonstrate a front handspring, tuck front to feet on rod floor, standing two back handsprings, and round-off two back handsprings.

Advanced Tumbling:

(ages 6 & up)( pre requisites-intermediate tumbling skills)

Advanced tumbling is for those who have mastered the basics, and are looking to really put together some challenging tumbling passes. We will work on skills ranging from a back tuck, to a back full; punch front tuck to a handspring layout. What is unique about this class, is the fact that it is geared more towards the athletes individual goals for their skill set. This is great for gymnasts, cheerleaders, or those who simply want to learn some impressive skills. 

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